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There's No Tag Like Warrior!

WARRIOR™ is a unique 40% organophosphate ear tag which releases a synergized formulation of diazinon and chlorpyrifos from an exclusive Tri-Polymer matrix of non-toxic inert ingredients.  WARRIOR™ combines the high fly killing action of diazinon with the superior lice control properties of chlorpyrifos. This patented* formulation exhibits greater potency than either insecticide used alone and is especially effective against pyrethroid-resistant pests.  WARRIOR™ has a net weight of 15 grams per tag for long-lasting activity.


WARRIOR™ when applied at one tag per animal controls Buffalo Flies for up to 12 weeks and controls cattle lice on beef and dairy cattle.


WARRIOR™ is packaged in sachets of 20 tags and is available is boxes of 20, 100 and 500 tags.


  1. Registered for use on beef and diary cattle.

  2. The only insecticidal tag registered to control both biting and sucking lice on cattle.

  3. Works well as an integral component of an insecticidal rotation program.

  4. Works extremely well against pyrethroid resistant strains of buffalo fly.

  5. Has NIL withholding periods for both meat and milk.

  6. Has NIL Export Slaughter Interval.

  7. Brings proven weight gains and performance.

  8. Reduces the need for frequent mustering and insecticide applications.

  9. Is a rainfast and dipfast formulation.

  10. Is an environmentally friendly form of insecticide application as there is no risk of spillage and overdosing.

  11. Uses the proven Y-TEX® two-piece application system.

  12. Has Y-TEX® patented Snap-Lok™ collar for guaranteed retention against tag or button failure for 5 months.

  13. Can be safely used in conjunction with other pesticide and medicinal applications.

WARRIOR Insecticide Cattle
Ear Tag Brochure


Fact Sheet 11  Control of Cattle Lice using Warrior Insecticidal Ear Tags

Fact Sheet 8  Buffalo Fly Control Strategies for use with Warrior Insecticidal Ear Tags

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