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Synergized Power for Potency!

PYthon is a fast-acting, sustained-release ear tag containing a new, synergized S-isomer pyrethroid compound, making it the newest and most technologically advanced insecticidal ear tag registered by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority for Buffalo fly, Cattle Biting Lice and Paralysis Tick control.  PYthon has excellent activity against Buffalo flies, including Buffalo flies that are resistant to certain other insecticides.  A high loading of piperonyl butoxide synergizes this S-isomer and dramatically reduces the effect of pyrethroid resistance.  PYthon's exclusive Tri-Polymer matrix of non-toxic inert constituents continuously delivers a high ratio of synergist to insecticide for maximum insect-killing action.  PYthon's net weight of 9.5 grams allows it to be used on cattle of all ages.


For up to 4 months control of susceptible Buffalo Flies and aids in control of Cattle Biting Lice on beef and dairy cattle and aids in control of Paralysis Tick on suckling beef and dairy calves for up to 42 days after treatment.

PYthon is packaged in sachets containing 20 tags and is available in boxes of 20, 100 and 500 tags..


  1. Registered for use on beef and dairy cattle, including newborn calves and lactating dairy cattle.
  2. Works very rapidly, usually eliminating Buffalo flies within 1 day.
  3. Brings proven weight gains.
  4. Reduces need for frequent insecticide treatments and mustering costs.
  5. Works well as an integral component of an insecticidal rotation program.
  6. Has Nil Withholding Period and Nil Export Slaughter interval.
  7. Has Y-TEX® patented Snap-Lok™ collar for guaranteed retention against tag or button failure for 5 months.
  8. Uses the proven Y-TEX® two-piece application system.
  9. Is rainfast and dipfast.
  10. Can be safely used in conjunction with other pesticide and medicinal applications; e.g., cattle tick acaricides and anthelmintics.
  11. Is environmentally friendly.

PYthon Insecticide Cattle
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