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Y-TEX, the industry leader in insecticide tag technology, offers three unique insecticide tag chemistries for cattle in Australia. Designed to provide superior control of flies and other cattle pests while combating insecticide resistance, insecticide ear tags are the safest, least labour intensive, and most cost effective method of pest control. With proper tag rotation, insecticide tags provide excellent pest control year after year, constantly yielding greater economic returns to the producer than other types of fly control.



Fact Sheet 7  Y-Tex Insecticidal Ear Tag Rotation Strategy Diagram

Fact Sheet 6a  What is Insecticidal Resistance?

Fact Sheet 5  Ear Tagging of Cattle

Fact Sheet 3  What Every Cattleman Should Know About Buffalo Fly

Fact Sheet 2  What You Can Do to Aid the Management & Control of Buffalo Fly


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