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Y-Tex® Two Piece Ear Tag System

Y-Tex® ear tags use an advanced polyurethane formulation for a softer, more flexible tag with special ultraviolet light inhibitors which stop fading for superior imprint life. The long, ribbed neck provides extra strength and allows greater tag visibility. Sloped tag shoulders combined with Y-TEX's® flexible button provide superior resistance to snagging while the patented Snap-Lock® collar prevents tag-button separation.

Features of the Ear Tag

●  Softer, more flexible polyurethane formulation
●  Tag edges with radius design prevent flex cracking
●  Single-use button tip - helps prevent transfer of infection
●  Proper button shaft length for rapid healing
●  Patented Snap-Lock® for superior retention
●  Neck designed to allow tag to hang below ear hair for
    better visibility
●  Ribbed neck helps prevent breakage
●  Ultraviolet light inhibitors - resists fading
●  Specifically formulated for superior hot stamping
●  Flexible button shaft and head resists snagging


Smooth Operation - Fast, Simple Action with the Innovative Y-Tex® Ultra Tagger®

You'll tag cattle faster with our Ultra Tagger®.  It's the most advanced hand application available for 2-piece tags.  The Ultra Tagger® is uniquely designed to allow a mechanical advantage requiring less squeeze-press and its light weight reduces operator fatigue.

Features of the Ultra Tagger®

●  Wide ope throat never pinches the animal's ear
●  Straight-line application

●  Sloped should resists snagging
●  Nickel-plated, hardened steel applicator
    pin won't bend, break or rust
●  Constructed with reinforced, high-tech
    engineered thermoplastic and close
    precision metal parts for outstanding
    durability and corrosion resistance

Fast Healing, no infection transfer

The Y-Tex® button makes a very small ear hole.  A longer shaft provides greater air circulation around the incision, promoting rapid healing and no chance of spreading infection between animals.  A sanitary button tip does the piercing, not the applicator pin.

Convenient choice, popular sizes

The most popular are 3 Star and 4 Star sizes designed to suit a wide variety of animals.  The Y-Tex® 3 Star Tag is now manufactured in Queensland, so its great to know that not only are you buying a great product but you are also supporting Queensland industry.

Custom Imprinting

Hot stamping provides strong contrast with black print on your choice of background colours which is very easy to read at a distance.  Your brand, property name or stock number can be custom hot stamped onto your tags to create a product unique to your operation.

Y-Tex® custom imprints identification ear tags can be produced quickly and at a competitive price.









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